Space Channel is the world’s FIRST commercial free, viewer supported global news and entertainment platform dedicated to space. Connecting the stories that will inform the future of commerce, entertainment and community in low Earth Orbit and beyond.

Space Channel Studios

Uniquely Untraditional Original Series and Specials produced Exclusively for Space Channel


A musical experience through space & time with award winning Jazz Guitarist, David Becker.


If your Spirit Animal is the Night Owl, this is Must See Midnight TV with our very own Deep Space Sherpa, Walter Lloyd.

Social Space

From the twitter-verse to the meta-verse and all across the universe, we scroll all things social in space!

Space Tourist

Our journey to space starts on Earth, as we explore unique locations connected to the cosmos.


Powered by PASSION

Space Channel was born in a garage

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness and fulfill their dreams. That\’s why we are committed to providing innovative solutions and exceptional services that empower individuals to overcome obstacles and turn their aspirations into reality. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and a team of experienced professionals, we strive to deliver unparalleled results and make a positive impact in the lives of our clients. Join us on this journey of empowerment, and let us help you make your dreams come true.

Discover Key Space Channel Features

Immersive Content

Dive into a world of cutting-edge space news and entertainment, shaping the future of commerce, entertainment, and community in Earth orbit and beyond.

Cutting-edge space news
Future-shaping content
Global community connection

Innovative Coverage

Experience innovative and immersive space coverage that sets the standard for connecting and informing global audiences about the space industry.

Standard-setting coverage
Global audience connection
Immersive space experiences

Global Reach

Join a platform with a global reach, delivering space-related news and entertainment to audiences worldwide, transforming the way we engage with outer space.

Worldwide audience engagement
Transformative space engagement
Global space connectivity

Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Explore how our solutions enhance your knowledge and engagement with space.

Immersive Experience

Step into the future with our engaging and immersive space content.

Community Connection

Join a global community passionate about space exploration and discovery.

Innovative Insights

Gain unique insights and perspectives on the latest space developments.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience space exploration through state-of-the-art technology and updates.

Exclusive Access

Get behind-the-scenes access to exclusive space content and events.

Educational Resources

Expand your knowledge with our educational resources on space and beyond.

Join Us in Exploring the Cosmos

Start your journey with Space Channel today and experience the universe like never before.

Customer Stories

See what our customers have to say about their experience with Space Channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Join the Flight Crew

Join us as we explore every aspect of the genre with news, movies, exclusive live events and coverage from every sector of the global space industry.

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