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Voyager Space to Buy Space Micro in Latest Acquisition

Voyager Space intends to acquire a majority stake in satellite technology firm Space Micro, the company announced Monday. As part of the agreement, Voyager will provide strategic operations support to advance Space Micro’s technology throughput to civil, commercial, and defense customers.

Voyager Space to Buy Space Micro in Latest Acquisition
Matthew Kuta

Space Micro is a perfect addition to Voyager’s growing NewSpace portfolio of entrepreneurs and technology capabilities,” said Matthew Kuta, President and COO of Voyager Space. “What Space Micro has accomplished on their own is outstanding – and they have a diverse customer base to prove it. Now in partnership with Voyager, Space Micro will have the opportunity to expand its technology footprint and remain at the forefront of innovation for advanced satellite and communications systems.

The announcement is the latest in a series of acquisitions by Voyager Space, with the most recent being that of propulsion company Valley Tech Systems last month. Founded in 2019, Voyager Space seeks to become a vertically integrated space exploration company.

Space Micro specializes in three types of products: communications systems, digital systems and electro-optics. They include radios, space cameras, targeted star trackers and image-processing computers, among others. The company also developed the world’s highest data rate Laser Communications Terminal in orbit.

With over 2.7 million hours of space flight heritage under its belt, Micro Space has orbited around 100 satellite subsystems, according to its website.

Voyager Space to Buy Space Micro in Latest Acquisition
David Strobel

Today marks a huge step in our growth trajectory,” said David Strobel, Space Micro Co-Founder and Chairman. “The satellite constellation market stands at the tipping point of explosive expansion and now, with the Voyager team and operational functions by our side, we will be prepared to scale our technologies to meet these market needs.

Strobel and his partner David Czajkowski founded Space Micro in 2002, then launched its first computer and image-processing subsystem to space four years later. It subsequently developed its first advanced Software Defined Radios for NASA’s IRIS, LADEE, and TESS spacecraft. Today, the company has multiple active contracts with NASA. It is developing inference processing units (IPUs) for the agency’s Earth observation missions and providing transponders for two lunar missions as part of the Artemis program.

Space Micro also brings its long history with the Department of Defense to the table. It has provided technologies such as digital signal converters, surveillance and reconnaissance space payloads, and laser secure communications terminals.

Voyager Space to Buy Space Micro in Latest Acquisition
David Czajkowski

Expanding our already rapidly-growing laser and optical communications systems is a top priority going forward,” said Space Micro Co-Founder and CEO David Czajkowski. “We have an unbeatable record of zero in-orbit failures since our first launch, and that’s a record we seek to maintain as we continue to grow these critical, high-demand satellite technologies.

In addition to NASA and the Defense Department, Space Micro’s customers include Lockheed Martin, the German Space Agency and Space IL. Most recently, it was awarded a contract to deliver 10 Nanocom™ Software Defined Radios to Lockheed Martin for the Space Development Agency’s Tranche 0 satellite constellation.







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