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Vacations in Space and Fireballs Over the UK

Work on The Voyager Station, the world’s first “space hotel,” is set to begin in 2025. Developed by the Orbital Assembly Corporation, or OAC, the hotel will operate in low Earth orbit and will come equipped with restaurants, a cinema, spa, and accommodations for 400 people.

The Voyager Station will orbit Earth and will be built inside a large rotating circle that will generate artificial gravity at a similar level to that of the Moon.

A series of pods will be attached to the outside of the hotel, that would house a gym, kitchen, restaurant, bar, and crew quarters, along with other modules that will be leased or sold to private companies and governments.

The idea of a circular space station that orbits the Earth dates back to Wernher von Braun, a German-born American aerospace engineer and space architect in the mid 1900’s. von Braun was an architect on NASA’s Apollo program.

OAC hopes it can bring von Braun’s idea “full circle” and be operational by 2027. FOR a more detailed look…check out our Space Hotel piece on Space Channel .com or watch for our show Space Tourist! On our streaming channel.

The space investment sector seems to really be heating up.

Rocket Lab USA, a space-transportation startup, will merge through a SPAC with Vector Acquisition Corp, who is backed by a private equity firm named Vector Capital. According to the deal, the joint venture is valued at $4.1 billion including debt.

Rocket Lab is a front-runner among a new class of “small-launch providers,” and has launched 97 satellites for both government and private clients. While a small number of companies tend to steal the spotlight with large launches, there are over 100 new small-rocket endeavors that exist to serve lighter satellites, including Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit LLC.

SPAC mergers are becoming increasingly common in the space economy. Another of Branson’s enterprises, Virgin Galactic, used this tactic to go public in 2019. Rocket Lab has a bright future, and I’m sure it won’t be the last SPAC merger in the final frontier.

Finally, there was much excitement over in the UK, as a mysterious event happened in the skies outside of Liverpool.

Several bizarre lights were spotted by a driver on his way to work that appeared to be falling from the sky. Video was captured by St Helens resident Aiden Macartain, of bright lights with flaming tails that appeared to be plunging to Earth early in the morning.

"I initially thought it was an aircraft but I saw five or six of them in different places and descending at different points,” said Macartain. "They were like falling lights, I was stunned when I saw it.”

Scientists from the UK Fireball Alliance,…yes, there is such a thing :)…. confirmed that just hours later, a meteor event had occurred in the UK, and it’s set to break the world record as the most reported meteor ever – with 852 reports on the International Meteor Organization’s website.

"This meteor fragmented a lot, as you can see in the videos. Most of the meteoroid vaporized during the six seconds of visible flight,” said Luke Daly from the University of Glasgow.

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