Space Force launches new weapon: MEADOWLAND

As the weaponization of space accelerates, the U.S. Space Force has begun rolling out an arsenal of ground-based weapons, designed to jam Russian or Chinese communication satellites in the opening hours of a conflict – without any kinetic engagement or producing space junk.

This is a public departure from the Space Force defensive posture, to an offensive one.

Known, “Meadowland” the device is a next generation weapon using open architecture software systems to constantly upgrade as new satellites and frequencies come online.

Supporters for a weapons-free space believe Meadowland can be viewed by other nations as inflammatory and lead to an escalation in the targeting of space assets. But this isn’t just about the Military, it’s also a commercial issue.

Whoever wins the next space race will have the strategic and economic advantage not for decades, but generations” – Micah Walter-Range of Caelus Partners

According to Space Force officials, Russia’s test launch of an anti-satellite missile on April 15th is (quote) “Further proof of Russia’s hypocritical advocacy of outer-space-arms-control proposals designed to restrict the capabilities of the United States while clearly having no intention of halting their counter-space weapons programs.”

And it’s not just Russia. India has already shot down a satellite, France is arming them and China has already launched an observation array that can identify a face…from space.

So which is better? A good offense? Defense, or both?

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