STARSHIP PROGRAM: 2022 Keynote from Starbase TX

Elon Musk may usually be a man of few words where Twitter is concerned, but when he does speak, Space Channel is always there to listen. This time, Musk sent out two very succinct tweets about the recently revealed SpaceX Starship Animation video. The animation comes as part of a keynote, delivered by Musk himself […]

Future of SpaceX Starbase Remains Uncertain

For the last five months, the skies have been clear over Boca Chica, Texas. However, SpaceX has not launched a single rocket there since May, and residents wonder when they will see Elon’s 400 ft tall Starship finally make its debut. But while the normally busy Starbase has gone silent, a legal battle rages between […]

From Launch to Manufacturing, SpaceX Begins Leasing Warehouse Space in Brownsville

SpaceX Begins Leasing Warehouse Space in Brownsville

SpaceX’s Starbase is located right outside of the city of Brownsville in Boca Chica, and a large portion of employees reside in South Padre Island. In fact, Elon’s Boring Company announced that it is looking at building a hyperloop tunnel under one of the deepest shipping channels to help employees get from SPI to Boca Chica more timely.