Our Journey to Space, Starts on Earth

If you’re not a billionaire, there are other ways to to get a space flight experience for a lot less money. Our team of adventurous crew mates search the globe for the best spots in space, right here on Earth! Subscribe to our Comms Report for the latest Space Tourism Adventures!

Space Tourist Episode 4

From stargazing in the desert to alien rock formations, these are the spots we love to reconnect with the universe.

New Episode of Space Tourist

Space Tourism is for everyone! In this episode of the Space Channel Original Series “Space Tourist” we’ll re-visit the first space tourist trips from Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SPACEX plus explore a few other things we can do right now to get us as close to space as possible! We start by visiting Spaceport […]

How can you become a space tourist?

How can you become a space tourist?

Thrill-seekers might soon be able to get their adrenaline kicks — and envy-inducing Instagram snaps — from the final frontier, as space tourism finally lifts off.

Space Channel Special Preview

Some of the best Space Channel content, featured in a half hour tour of the network! Entertainment, news, music and undisclosed locations.

An exclusive look at 21st century Space Tourism, how to prepare an authentic Martian Feast and Jazz great, David Becker explains why the Universe needs a soundtrack.