New Space Media in Brownsville TX

On the border, by the sea and beyond traditional media, Space Channel Studios is now fully operational in Brownsville TX. Covering the stories from tomorrow that are re-shaping our world today. From our newsroom to the screening room, our team is embedded in the community and on the ground at Starbase with the latest breaking […]

Space Channel Now Available on Comcast’s Xfinity

The world’s premier global news and entertainment media platform dedicated to space, today announced its Space Channel VOD application is available on Comcast’s (Nasdaq: CMCSA) Xfinity X1 and Flex streaming services. Now millions of Infinity viewers have 24/7 access to Space Channel’s live feed for news and entertainment programming directly on their X1 and Flex devices.

A career in the Final Frontier

2020 is promising to be another record year for job growth is the space industry and we have your connection to thousands of jobs through our partnership with the Space Talent Network.

Space Channel Special Preview

Some of the best Space Channel content, featured in a half hour tour of the network! Entertainment, news, music and undisclosed locations.

An exclusive look at 21st century Space Tourism, how to prepare an authentic Martian Feast and Jazz great, David Becker explains why the Universe needs a soundtrack.