The Apollo Sale

Torie’s son Jason joins her on the road – she’s introducing him to the family business but will he be more hindrance than help?  Larry turns ‘gastronaut’ when he comes across some space food; and a collector’s flash sale sees Cole bid for an Apollo 11 item with an incredible story – how Buzz Aldrin […]

Money Trouble

In the world of space dealing everyone is having money trouble.  Larry gets the offer of a lifetime: a Soviet era space suit. But there’s a problem – the price tag.  To be in with a chance he has to clear stock and raise some dough.  Torie pays big for an Apollo 11 artefact but […]

Dealers on a Mission

Larry takes on an impossible mission: he’s been asked find an item worn in space by Apollo 15 legend Al Worden.  It’s going to be tough but Larry is keen to succeed – if he pulls it off he gets to meet the great man himself.  Torie searches for Russian space items for a museum […]