NASA Mars helicopter aces eighth flight to keep up with Perseverance rover

Mars Helicopter

Flight eight is in the books. When NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter was attempting its first flights on Mars, the Perseverance rover was there to watch over it. Now the chopper is returning the favor by acting as a scout and companion to the busy rover. It continues to rack up the flight successes.

Perseverance rover goes on a Mars road trip

Perseverance Rover

Perseverance began driving away from its Octavia E. Butler landing site on June 1. The Mars rover left the scenic overlook where it captured images and video of the Ingenuity helicopter’s flights and is heading for another one that will reveal some of the oldest geologic features of Jezero Crater.

First flight test for NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter pushed to Wednesday

NASA engineers have decided to delay the Ingenuity helicopter’s debut flight on Mars to at least Wednesday, April 14th, after running into a minor computer glitch during a rotor spin test late Friday night, the agency said on Saturday. The tiny craft is healthy, but engineers need some more time to review telemetry data from the unexpected hiccup before proceeding.