PLANETS with David Becker

Coming Soon, Exclusively on Space Channel For more than three decades, Grammy and Emmy nominated guitarist, composer, producer David Becker has continued to define himself as one of the best and most unique voices in jazz and contemporary music by combining diverse influences and a passion for the new and different, and his ability to […]

Glenna Burmer: Bijoux

Storytelling is the unifying thread in Glenna Burmer concerts, music and animated films.As president of Burmer Music, Glenna Burmer has produced live concerts, music and dance programs for Northwest audiences for more than a decade, each based on compelling, imaginative and personal themes. To that portfolio, she added award-winning animated films. In 2021 she received […]

The Most Important Thing in the Universe

Jazz great, David Becker sits down with Space Channel to discuss what could be the most important thing in the Universe. Download David’s music at

Our Earthly Connection to Music

Everything we can see and touch was prototyped in an ancient generation of stars. As time goes by, we have arrived in this moment with little sense of the past or potential future. Our only path is to communicate, and doing so requires ingenuity. One of the most unique ways for us to connect in the cosmos, is through sound.

Downbeat and Upbeat of the Universe

When it comes to the Universe, time can be seen from a circular perspective. The Earth circles the Sun, the Moon around the Earth all the way down to cells and larger than galaxies.

This is where Grammy nominated Jazz Guitarist finds rhythm and time. Constantly moving, always evolving and omnipresent.