Are UAPs Drones from Space or of Earthly Origin?

Drones in Space

Something strange is going on in the skies over California… and the Navy knows it. Here on Space Channel, we’ve previously reported on the USS Nimitz and an incident where they followed an unidentified craft that was doing impossible maneuvers, including going underwater. In the last few months, compelling photos have been shared by military […]

Space Channel News Report: The 5th Domain

Space Channel News Report: The 5th Domain

 As the possibility of war in LEO, MEO and GEO continue, the enhancement of the private sector in space utilizes the free-market system to foster radical developments and investment for both the government and private sector which incentivizes broad participation. But as the private sector grows, the separation of militarization and commercialization has been seemingly […]

Space Plays Pivotal Role in Global Conflict

As commercial space companies get deeper involved in global conflicts, from Starlink to Maxar – we sat down with Hamlet Yousef, geopolitics and tech expert, to discuss the perils of commercialization and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Hamlet Yousef has extensive sales and business development experience, working with small and mid-sized companies, as well […]