Glenna Burmer: Bijoux

Storytelling is the unifying thread in Glenna Burmer concerts, music and animated films.As president of Burmer Music, Glenna Burmer has produced live concerts, music and dance programs for Northwest audiences for more than a decade, each based on compelling, imaginative and personal themes. To that portfolio, she added award-winning animated films. In 2021 she received […]

Cam on the Moon

A story we can all relate to. A group of friends come together in the moment they decide to face the final frontier

The Lonlies

Out in space, there is more nothing than something for millions of miles. But is that entirely true? Are we really alone, if we experience loneliness?

Space Bird

He’s not a bird, or a plane…he’s Space Bird. A cosmic cockatoo who’s on a mission to understand the Universe.


A touching animation about the little things that matter in such a vast Universe.