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Super Earth’s and Mysterious FRB’s

Scientists have discovered water-vapor in the atmosphere of a “Super Earth” with potentially habitable temperatures. K2-18b, an exoplanet eight times the mass of Earth, is the ONLY planet orbiting a star outside the solar system known to have both water and temperatures that could support life,”

In other off-planet news, more details have emerged about India’s Moon Mission. As reported by India Today, the lander flipped upside during a planned rotation 11 minutes before it was due to touch down, inverting thrusters – forcing the lander downward.

Communications were lost with Vikram during this time and have not been re-established since.

Further out in the frontier, China’s giant (FAST) telescope is picking up mysterious signals from deep space. The biggest discovery of Fast Radio Bursts to date. With such an active source of intergalactic pulses, Chinese astronomers have partnered with 10 other observatories around the world to focus attention on this region of the cosmos. A great story about global collaboration to study the Universe. 



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