SpaceX Starship Program Moving to Cape Canaveral

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The murky, developing story we’ve been following since July finally became clearer, through a tweet from Elon…of course.

The FAA decision regarding Starbase, Texas is expected to be released December 31st, but it seems Elon is tired of waiting.

In a tweet Elon announced that the “Construction of Starship orbital launch pad at the Cape has begun.” Adding that “39A is hallowed spaceflight ground” which “will have similar, but improved, ground systems and tower to Starbase”.

While work on the Cape Canaveral launch site is renewed, Elon holds on to the hope of conducting as many as a dozen Starship test flights in 2022. If he doesn’t…SpaceX faces a “genuine risk of bankruptcy” which Elon claimed in a leaked email.

Even if the FAA and launch site issues were resolved, Elon still needs to course correct the “crisis” with production of the Raptor engines. Without the Raptor engines the likelihood of Elon’s predicted Starship orbital launches come January or February from Starbase, Texas are nonexistent. 

Here’s a lookback at our coverage of the challenges of Starbase, only on Space Channel.

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