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SpaceX SN15 has Arrived

We have exciting news from SpaceX’s Starship SN15. But first, an update from NASA’s continued exploration of Mars – Seismic events from inside the Red Planet!

InSight, a robotic lander launched in May 2018 to study the deep interior of Mars, has detected “mysterious rumblings” from deep beneath the surface of Mars.

A sudden release of energy from Mars’ interior is thought to be the cause of seismic activity in a location on Mars called Cerberus Fossae, the site of similar events, sometimes called “Marsquakes,” that were measured about two years ago by InSight.

Now that Mars is moving further from the sun, InSight will begin to shut down instruments to hibernate until Mars begins to reproach the sun in July. NASA hopes to continue to operate the seismometer for another month or two before shutting it down.

Because a clear answer to why these seismic events are happening is not yet known, it leaves us to wonder – how similar is Mars planetary dynamics to Earth’s? Perhaps we’ll find even more similarities.

We recently reported on John Ratcliffe, Trump’s director of national intelligence and the prevalence of unidentified aerial phenomena – that there are far more incidents than the public is aware of.

Ratcliffe spoke of a forthcoming report into unexplained sightings produced by the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies that we at Space Channel are eagerly awaiting.

Recently, R. James Woolsey, a former CIA Director who served under Bill Clinton, says he has a new openness to that possibility of alien life.

On the topic of unidentified aerial phenomena, Woolsey said that these stories “always seemed pretty far-out to me…”

He continued: “But, there was one case in which a friend of mine was able to have his aircraft stop at 40,000 feet or so and not continue operating as a normal aircraft.

“What was going on? I don't know. Does anybody know?”

Woolsey joins the list of US Intelligence officers who have been outspoken about believing in the possibility of alien life. Back in December, John Brennan, the CIA director from 2013-2017 stated, “I think it's a bit presumptuous and arrogant for us to believe that there's no other form of life anywhere in the entire universe.”

And now, we go to Texas.

The Starship program is moving at light speed with a new prototype featuring hundreds of upgrades and improvements.

Show this on screen during open. Not for read Elon Musk teased major Starship upgrades in November of 2020 as early as the Starship SN15 Prototype. Then, in late March, Musk followed up on his promise, confirming the SN15 block upgrade would include “hundreds of design improvements [to] structures, avionics, software, and [Raptor engines].”

SN15 has now arrived at the launch pad, just nine days after SN11 exploded after a successful test Ascent phase, transition to horizontal & control during free fall.

It’s now been confirmed, A (relatively) small CH4 leak led to a fire on engine 2 & fried part of the avionics, causing a hard start attempting landing burn in the CH4 turbopump.

The recent mishap of SN11 adds high expectations for the upcoming launch of SN15, which will be installed on SpaceX’s Suborbital Pad A.






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