Tow Trucks and Tankers


An exclusive webinar with special guests Daniel Faber and Jonathon Goff discussing the future of Orbit Servicing and the New Space Econo,y

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Latest Message: 23 minutes ago

Tow Trucks and Tankers: On Orbit Servicing and the NewSpace Economy

Here on Earth, when you run out of gas, you simply get more. If your car breaks down, you call a tow truck or mechanic. In space, if either of those things happens to your satellite, you have to throw it away – even if you spent a Billion dollars to get it out there! Thankfully, this ridiculous state of affairs is finally starting to change as a new generation of service providers and suppliers begin to fly. These and other frontier-oriented companies are laying the groundwork for a new industrial economy in space. We invite you to join us as we talk to some of the trailblazers in the field.

The presentations will be followed by an interactive Q & A session.

Rick Tumlinson

Founder & Chairman, SpaceFund

Named one of the world’s top “Space Visionaries” and one the top one hundred most influential people in the space field by Space News, Rick is credited with helping start what is called the “NewSpace” revolution - which has led to commercial space projects such as Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, Elon Musk's SpaceX and Jeff Bezos' Blue Origins rocket firms. The Founder of Deep Space Industries (a space resources company) he co-founded the Space Frontier Foundation, called “pound for pound the most effective space organization on Earth”, was a founding board member of the X-Prize, and founded the New Worlds Institute and EarthLight Foundation.

He is considered one of the best public speakers in the space field, and his writings and quotes show up around the world, from the New York Times to the People's Daily.

Meagan Crawford

Managing Partner, SpaceFund

Meagan is one of the leading female voices in the space industry and an experienced space startup executive and founder. She is the host of the Mission Eve podcast that aims to increase the number of women in the space industry and is frequently featured as a thought leader on the industry’s development and investment potential.

Meagan is a strong believer in the power of free enterprise as the driving force that will lift humanity permanently off-world. She is managing partner of SpaceFund, a venture capital firm investing in space startups and Chair of the board of the non-profit Center for Space Commerce and Finance. She holds an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Rice University.


Daniel Faber

CEO, OrbitFab

A serial entrepreneur leading a number of startups in Silicon Valley, Daniel Faber has leveraged his experience in a wide range of industry sectors to bring together teams and build companies in the emerging field of in-space operations.

As the former CEO of Deep Space Industries, Mr. Faber built a solid technology business, aggressively advancing a vision of delivering off-earth resources to the space economy. Under his leadership, the company released its first products with significant customer traction, grew sales from zero to nearly $10 million, changed global perceptions and regulations around space resources, and positioned DSI to systematically create and commercialize all the technology necessary for mining asteroids.


Jonathan Goff

President & CEO, Altius Space Machines

Space Development Entrepreneur, with experience in business development, business operations, entrepreneurial strategy, proposal writing, business plan development, public speaking, aerospace and mechanical engineering, robotics, satellite servicing, orbital mechanics, liquid rocket engine development, CAD modeling, FEA analysis, suborbital launch vehicle design, general manufacturing, etc. Interested in promoting the private development of space, including both space access and space applications.

Involved in efforts to promote the implementation of, and mature technologies related to orbital propellant depots, satellite servicing, commercial space stations, and space settlement.