Space is Open for Business

Capital might be the fuel to power astropreneurial efforts, but behind the capital is an intelligence that has vast options to weigh. What is unspoken by many terrestrial-focused economists and financial analysts is that the only true way to have endless growth is to incorporate space as part of the Earth’s economic influence and activity. Instead of arguing how space can help make Earth or life on Earth better, perhaps we should be thinking about how space could — and inevitably will — make Earth different.

Over fifty nations have national space programs. More than a dozen new companies now are significant players in the manufacturing and launch of complete vehicles, while literally thousands of companies now supply parts, engineering, logistics, or other space-focused products and services.

If space is not deemed necessary and is considered more of a discretionary activity, why do countries clamor over having space access? Why are they so motivated to protect technology that enables or is used in space? If a country does not already have a strong stake in space, it is a highly desired goal; from competitive advantages to establishing oneself as a global power, the authority and influence that rests on a country’s space presence is undeniable.

Countries that weren’t heavily involved in space in the past, like Lithuania and Nigeria, are gearing up for the future. Others, like Israel, are still working with the resources they have to further their own space programs. And perhaps most impressive in the expansion of the new space sector is the involvement of students, from countries like Taiwan, Japan, China, India, and across the world, who all believe in the future of space exploration.

–  Robert Jacobson

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