Space Channel Weekend Movie: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Santa Claus Brings Christmas Fun to Mars!


The Martians Kidnap Santa!

Santa’s North Pole Workshop!

The Fantastic Martian Toy Factory!

Earth Kids Meeting with Martian Kids!

Spaceship Journey from Earth to Mars!

Santa Turns Mars-Robot into Mechanical Toy!

Remastered in 4K

Watch on Saturday, December 3rd, at 9:00 pm ET/PT and Sunday, December 4th, at 8:00 pm ET/5:00 pm PT via Space Channel’s free TV app on your connected TV (VIZIO, Samsung, Philips, LG and TCL) or via TV services such as Roku (search: Space Channel Live), Local Now, Plex, Xfinity and Flex. The free app can also be downloaded via AndroidApple, and Amazon Fire TV

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