Space Channel Rolls Out First Broadcast News Piece and Halloween Video Promo Produced by Texas Southmost College (TSC) Student Internship Program

Space Channel today announced it has released the first broadcast production videos developed by the Texas Southmost College (TSC) Student Internship program, which was activated on August 24, 2022.

The TSC Student Internship program was developed in partnership with Space Channel to provide TSC students with hands-on experience producing news coverage of the emerging Space industry in Brownsville. At present there are 15 TSC students currently getting hands-on experience working behind a camera, in front of a camera, shooting and editing video as well as writing scripts and news pieces.

The first video is a broadcast news update titled, “The Latest on SpaceX’s Starship Program and Cosmic Shielding Moves to Brownsville, Texas, as Part of Launch BTX Program”, and features TSC student Noe Gonzalez as the on-air anchor.  The second video is a promotion piece released this week announcing Space Channel’s Halloween Week programming and features TSC student Shania Frayre.

We were thrilled and literally blown away by the talent and work ethic exhibited by the students in the program,” said Bob Schefferine, Chief Operating Officer, Space Channel. “They all had a hand in creating a newscast, whether it was operating the camera, directing, building and striking the studio cameras and equipment, or uploading files to the servers.  It was a complete group effort and a genuine pleasure teaching them and watching them pull together to help each other. In fact, they have started on the next project and are shooting stand-ups for our holiday programming in and around the TSC campus. They are quite inspirational.

It’s really nice to see them put together these videos,” said Ricardo Vasquez, Texas Southmost College Director of Multimedia – Customer Relations, Services and Communications. “I helped them set up the camera a bit, but they took it from there. The directing they did on their own.

According to Vasquez, it is very important for them to get experience beforehand when looking into a field like journalism or video production. “For these students, they’re just starting so it really helps develop their resume,” said Vasquez. “The hands-on experience…dealing with the shoot and having to transfer files and send them to Space Channel’s L.A. location for production. They will also learn that wanting to go into a field is a lot different than doing it live and producing something. With Space Channel they will see the result and the collaboration that they put into it right away. That’s something special.

According to Blayne Vixie, Space Channel’s Vice President of Programming and Production, “Our interns quickly learned how to set up an entire TV studio, and then jumped into action and shot a newscast and hosting segments for one of our original series. I’ve never seen a group so focused and dedicated to the tasks at hand. They are truly remarkable.

Continued Schefferine, “We were so pleased with the natural talent shown by our first TSC on-air anchor, Noe Gonzalez, that we have decided to take him to Houston with us this November to host the Cinespace Movie event being held at the Orange Show. Space Channel will be covering Cinespace, which is a short film competition put together by NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society. Noe will handle the film screenings and award presentation, which will occur on November 13 and be broadcast during a Space Channel two-hour special airing on Saturday, December 17.

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