Space Channel News Update: SpaceX’s Starship is Fully Stacked at Starbase. What’s Next?

It’s a full stack for breakfast at Starbase and no, we’re not talking pancakes. 

I’m Noe Gonzalez for Space Channel News with our continuing coverage of the SpaceX Starship program from our Texas Southmost College Studio in Brownsville Texas. 

As Starbase continues to be synonymous with a flurry of non-stop activity, Ship 24 was stacked on top of Booster 7, taken down briefly, then re-stacked making it the 5th full stack in Starship history.

The mechazilla arms got a workout lifting ship 24 both times into place and now the fueling tests can begin and maybe a static fire is next? 

Of course, nothing happens at Starbase without SpaceX chief engineer Elon Musk posting to Twitter:

“We are proceeding very carefully. If there is a R.U.D. on the pad, Starship progress will be set back by ~6 months.”

According to Musk in a follow-up tweet, R.U.D. stands for RAPID UNINTENTIONAL DISASSEMBLY – perhaps a joke only Elon could make in light of a potential catastrophic failure. 

As we previously reported on Space Channel News the full stack appears to be right on schedule with the plan Elon tweeted with a wet test followed by firing all 33 raptor engines.

Also to note on the same day as the full stack, ship 25 was rolled out of the high bay and placed onto a test stand to begin testing procedures. 

We’ve been told that internally there is typically no word of testing or other plans until an hour or two before it happens, so you can see there is never a dull moment at Starbase. Here at the TSC studio, we can’t wait to see what happens next!

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I’m Noe Gonzalez for Space Channel News

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