Sidus Space Executes Launch Agreement with Vaya Space

Additional launch capacity secured for LizzieSatTM satellites
Sidus Space Executes Launch Agreement with Vaya Space
Credit: Vaya Space

Sidus Space today announced that it has signed a launch agreement with Vaya Space for four launches over multiple years. Vaya Space is an emerging leader in sustainable space access and this agreement expands Sidus Space’s ability to deliver satellite services.

Sidus Space recently announced a launch agreement with SpaceX for a total of 5 expected launches in the next 13-15 months.  In addition, as an ISS implementation partner, Sidus also has the ability to launch from the ISS which creates multiple paths to orbit for LizzieSatTM with the signing of this launch agreement with Vaya Space.   

LizzieSatTM is Sidus’ 100kg, partially 3D printed, small satellite for its planned multi-mission LEO satellite constellation.  Sidus Space has an approved International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Spectrum license for multiple altitudes and inclinations.   LizzieSatTM satellites will fly custom payloads tailored to maximize customer return on investment.

As we progress toward launching LizzieSatTM, we are pleased to expand our launch options that will enable us to meet the robust demand for our satellite services, one of the many Space-as-a-Service solutions we deliver to the growing space ecosystem,” said Carol Craig, Sidus Founder and CEO. “As part of our mission of ‘Bringing Space Down to Earth™’, securing multiple paths to orbit ensures the flexibility to meet our customer’s mission schedules.

We are excited to work with Sidus Space to provide sustainable space access and reliable delivery of their innovative satellite constellation,” said Brent Willis, Chief Executive Officer of Vaya Space.

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