EXCLUSIVE Interview with Rick Ambrose from Lockheed Martin

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Rick Ambrose from Lockheed Martin

Committed to the future of space, digital advancement, product innovation, and leading teams to accomplish extraordinary missions, Rick Ambrose currently leads Lockheed Martin Space, a $10 billion enterprise that employs 20,000 talented professionals and delivers advanced technology systems for our customers in the fields of space exploration, human space travel and global security.

Right now at Lockheed Martin Space, we’re working on NASA’s Orion, the only spacecraft designed for long-duration, human deep space exploration; GOES weather satellites responsible for providing faster and more accurate forecasts; hypersonic systems that keep our nation and allies safe; and the most powerful GPS satellites ever built. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” said Ambrose

The coolest jobs are at Lockheed Martin Space — be part of the mission: https://www.lockheedmartinjobs.com/space

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