Redwire and Sodern Sign Teaming Agreement and Announce their Collaboration on the Exquisite-Class Eagle Eye Star Tracker

Redwire and Sodern Sign Teaming Agreement and Announce their Collaboration on the Exquisite-Class Eagle Eye Star Tracker

Redwire Corporation today signed a formal teaming agreement with Sodern, a world leader in star trackers and neutron systems, to produce the Eagle Eye star tracker.

The Eagle Eye star tracker will offer superior performance by leveraging the exceptional flight heritage of Sodern’s highly resilient modular Hydra star trackers, which have flown on more than 60 spacecraft in low-Earth orbit (LEO), geostationary orbit (GEO) and in deep space environments since 2012. 

Through this strategic partnership, Redwire will manufacture the exquisite-class Eagle Eye star tracker at its production facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and sell within the U.S. market. Redwire’s Marlborough facility has deep experience developing high performance, high reliability guidance, navigation and control components, with 50 years of flight heritage.     

We are extremely excited about our partnership with Sodern,” said Peter Cannito, Chairman and CEO of Redwire. “Eagle Eye combines the best of both organizations to provide U.S. customers, including the national security sector, with Sodern high performance, high-reliability technology manufactured in the United States at a Redwire facility. We look forward to working with Sodern to increase the performance of LEO and GEO applications for our customers.”   

We are very excited to start this promising partnership with Redwire, whose legacy of delivering reliable satellite equipment is well recognized in the U.S.,” said Vincent Dedieu, Deputy CEO of Sodern. “We share the same ambition to address new challenges in space with innovative and competitive solutions. We are looking forward to serving the needs of U.S. customers together.” 

The Eagle Eye star tracker architecture features a modular arrangement of optical heads and processing units to enable a wide variety of missions and optimal placement upon spacecraft. The Eagle Eye leverages extensive spacecraft hardware flight heritage and possesses excellent radiation tolerance designed to enable 10- and 18-year lifespans for LEO and GEO missions, respectively. The Eagle Eye can be configured with one to four optical heads and one or two processing units with full cross strapping for maximum redundancy.  

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