Precious Payload partners with Exos Aerospace to provide more bookable launches for payload developers

Precious Payload Inc., announced today Exos Aerospace Systems & Technologies as a Preferred Partner to facilitate booking commercially available suborbital capacities and help bridge the gap between payload developers and the increased demand for suborbital slots. 

Exos Aerospace is entering the market with its latest reusable rocket, The BLK3 Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicle (SRLV) aims to conduct two commercial rideshare suborbital launches in Q2 2023 turning the reusable rocket around for the second flight in under a week. Booking a suborbital launch with Exos Aerospace is made possible by Precious Payload’s comprehensive Launch.ctrl platform. 

See the individual page of the launch provider:

Co-Founder and CEO at Exos Aerospace John Quinn stated, “What a great platform! Precious Payloads is making it easier than booking an international flight these days. This alliance also provides Exos Aerospace with a collaborative platform that generates qualified leads at any stage of the mission development, thereby providing dynamic pricing, constructive feedback, and custom offers.

The Precious Payload Preferred Partner Program is an exclusive package that gives greater visibility and access to market intelligence to established and emerging orbital and suborbital launch providers and the NewSpace industry suppliers. The program provides Precious Payload partners with the tools (like Launch.ctrl products, including individual launch provider’s page on the commercial rocket Launch Schedule, Launch.ctrl dashboard, and Launch Calculator) and analytics to help market, onboard, sell and plan their launch services.

Learn more about Launch.ctrl by Precious Payload

Founder and CEO of Precious Payload, Andrew Maximov, said, “The space community is witnessing a rise in demand for microgravity experiments and the retrievability of payloads. With the help of Exos Aerospace, suborbital flights will be a more frequent option to choose from, with much-needed support for this demand.

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