NEWS UPDATE: SLS Wet Dress Rehearsal

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After three separate attempts to complete the wet dress rehearsal were scrubbed during fueling operations earlier this year, NASA engineers finally completed the next crucial step in the Moon 2.0 mission…however, the latest test did not go smoothly. 

During countdown procedures, a set of gaseous nitrogen supply and hydrogen leak issues delayed testing for hours. Those details were overlooked to continue the countdown but will cause further delays for NASA’s lunar goals. 

Agency officials have repeatedly voiced optimism for an Artemis 1 launch at the end of August, but those hopes always hinged on a smooth wet dress rehearsal…so far, none have been completed without issues.

Considering the SLS is the most expensive rocket ever built, years behind schedule, and billions over budget…the Moon is still out of reach for the US Space Program. 

While NASA combs through the latest round of data, China continues making progress with their own Moon Mission and partnership with Russia to begin construction on the Lunar surface. More on that in upcoming reports. 

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