Elon Musk’s Empire Just Got Bigger

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Elon’s empire just got bigger.

While there have been challenges with his other businesses in production due to inflation, supply chain and regulation issues as we’ve seen in SpaceX, Starlink and Tesla, there have also been accumulating successes, including some new firsts and empire expansions.

The world’s richest man is continuing to add to his list of businesses. The latest edition? Twitter.

While Elon’s getting a handle on his new addition, SpaceX, as we’ve reported, shifted its focus toward falcon 9/crew dragon fleet management versus production allowing for more focus on the Starship program.

Regulations still hinder Starship testing and program progression in Brownsville, but SpaceX continues expanding Starbase infrastructure nonetheless as well as in Cape Canaveral, where approval is already allocated, in preparation for Starship launches. The V2 Raptor engine production seems to be picking up and the first private mission to the ISS with Axiom was completed.

As SpaceX soars to new heights, so is its pricing. SpaceX raised the rates for both dedicated and rideshare launches as well as Starlink’s broadband service, citing inflation for the price increase.

Despite the price hike and chip shortages, Starlink has had a pretty expansive year in 2022 due to their efforts in the commercial and military sectors.

The company aided Ukraine with “uninterrupted access” to the internet with donated devices, sealed commercial airline contracts for inflight wifi, defended against Russian efforts to jam and hack satellite modems and just won a contract with NASA to replace its current satellite network in orbit.

Tesla is also feeling the pressure of inflation, supply chain disruptions and suspended production. Tesla’s Shanghai factory was forced to suspend production for four days due to regional Covid restrictions in response to an outbreak. This is the second time Tesla had to suspend production in Shanghai, the first time was for two days in March.

But despite the production challenges, Tesla is expanding manufacturing capabilities with a new factory underway in Brandenburg, Germany that has conditional approval for commercial production, another new factory in Austin, Texas which had a “Cyber Rodeo” for its grand opening, and shares rose more than 8% after the company announced plans for another stock split. Oh, Elon also announced plans for a potential market launch of the Optimus household robot in 2023.

Elon claims “Optimus is a general-purpose, sort of worker-droid. The initial role must be in work that is repetitive, boring, or dangerous. Basically, work that people don’t want to do”, but thinks that one day people will be able to download their brain into an Optimus.

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