Mars City Design: Urban Farming on Another Planet


Mars City Design® selects, develops and nurtures the most innovative leading concepts for sustainable life on Mars.  Applicable to all Earthlings.

Mars City Design is celebrating its 5th Annual Challenge! The Oscars for Mars designs and space science.

This year’s focus theme is Urban Farming for Mars.

These finalists’ designs, demonstrating out-of-the-box ideas, are selected from about 100 participating teams across continents. Each team did not just use this 2020 pandemic time wisely, but they also aligned this time when Mars is closer to Earth, to create further human centered innovations.

As NASA is sending the Perseverance Rover that will arrive in February 2021, these multidisciplinary global teams are sharing their visions to demonstrate what could be possible for feeding tomorrow’s thriving lives on Mars sustainably, through this Mars City Design program.

Each idea can advance today’s Earth sustainability actions and also advancing some technology to enable extreme environments be more accessible for human lives.

The Gala Ceremony this year will be online, we will premier the Announcement of the Top 5 Winning Projects. We will also have some space-artist performances. We will announce some exciting news about Mars City Design effort 2021.

This event is for everyone at all levels of passion, interest and knowledge about Mars. By accessing some of the lectures, you can also find inspiration and encouragement to pursue your innovative ideas, space dream and humanity vision.

Vera Mulyani, CEO of Mars City Design

Rob Machado, President, COO of Mars City Design

Mike Niemann, Project Director, Mars City Exploration Park™

Martina Lofqvist, Momentus

Jasmine Wong, Frontier Aerospace

Dean Little, Ares Astronautics

Monika Brandić Lipińska and Layla van Ellen, NASA Ames Research Center and Hub for Biotechnology

JR Skok, Made of Mars

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