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Civilians in Space – Day 1

Less than a day into their mission, The Inspiration 4 crew is doing well. According to SpaceX:

“The Inspiration4 crew is healthy, happy and in good spirits!”

The 4 civilian astronauts completed uphill phasing burns to reach their intended 575 circular orbit. They’ve doffed (or taken off) their suits, configured their cabin, completed their first round of medical research, and orbited the Earth 5 and a half times before heading to bed.

According to Jared Isaacman, “food is great.”

After waking up, the crew will make some calls, conduct additional research, and get to look out of the Dragon cupola for the first time.

We’re even able to track the spacecraft via the SpaceX website.

It’s not confirmed yet whether the crew will splash down Saturday or Sunday, and weather will be a determining factor in which body of water that splash will occur in – either the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean.

Our team is on the ground in FL, so stay with Space Channel for the latest updates on this historic mission.







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