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Getting to the Bottom of Inspiration 4

While Inspiration 4 was the first all civilian space mission, they might be remembered as number two. 

From start to finish, the mission was flush with success…until an unplanned accident caused the onboard toilet to malfunction.  Forcing the crew to adapt in ways that lumped them in a unique category of astronauts. 


Normally it’s something reserved for long duration EVA’s, depending on the situation but this crew had to back up the their outflow with personalized waste management devices. 

Something we believe happened in between continents, however that information is still an undie turd. 

Imagine Viewing space from the copala, being full of crapola? Did they train for that? Send us the footage Netflix!  There’s no way to wipe this off the log book, that’s for sure. Butt, the crew seemed light farted and happy throughout their time off the earth. 

One thing that hasn’t dropped yet is any detailed info  about re-entry?  Heavy g-forces definitely stink, especially after what they delt with…butt a clean splashdown was the perfect way to end this mission. 

As this story continues to move, we’ll have the data dump as it comes out. 







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