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NASA & Houston Cinema Arts Society Present, Cinespace. A film competition inspired by and using NASA imagery, enabling curiosity and fostering creative relationships at the intersection of art and science. Submissions featuring real NASA footage from 60 years of space exploration will be judged on creativity, innovation and attention to detail. As in previous years, filmmakers will compete for $26,000 in cash prizes, with awards going to the top three overall winners and winners of two special categories: Best Educational Film on Space and Science and Film That Best Depicts Unity and Inclusion in Science.

CineSpace | Part 1: Opportunity

Opportunity, a NASA rover on Mars, must find a way to survive as a life-threatening dust storm approaches.

CineSpace | Part 2: Twenty

After 20 years of human presence on the International Space Station, astronauts celebrate the power of global partnerships, and their advancements for all humankind.

CineSpace | Part 3: This Other World

Former astronauts reflect on their experiences, sharing their wisdom to offer fresh perspectives on confinement and isolation.

CineSpace | Part 4: Curiosity

Riley, a graphic designer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, discovers an alien species while browsing photos from the Curiosity rover. These creatures can only be seen when one scrolls through the photos quickly: when the scrolling stops, they disappear. Riley’s initial excitement turns to terror when he realizes that one of them has appeared in the room with him.

CineSpace | Part 5: The Search - A Journey of Faith

An astronaut brings the Catholic Sacrament of the Eucharist on a mission into space and sees the beauty of the world through the lens of his Faith.

CineSpace | Part 6: A Skate Odyssey

An experimental short film which blends skateboarding and archival footage to tell the story of one woman’s mission to cut sick on the moon.

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