Award-winning film, documentary, music video, and commercial director, Shane Valdez joins the Space Channel Executive team as Chief Creative Officer. 

With a background in computer science, engineering and cinematography, Shane has become one of entertainment’s  most innovative directors with the unique ability to deliver on a wide range of creative. From global brands, A-list celebrities to lawnmower commercials, Shane brings a unique level of imagination and leadership to the team. 


Next-Level Creative Leadership

Visionary Technologist

Shane's directing chops extend far beyond the Hollywood set and deep into computer engineering. Within days of joining the team, he designed a series of custom code sets to 'digitize' our entire creative operation. 

Award Winning Director
Trusted by the world's biggest brands

K-Mart, ABC, Netflix, Disney, NBC Universal, KFC, SONY, Amazon Studios, HBO, Bud light, Pepsi, Corona Extra