Brownsville in Discussions with Boring Co. for SpaceX Tunnel

While SpaceX redesigns Starship, Elon Musk’s Boring Company announced a project.

Last month, The Boring Company met with local officials to propose a tunnel under one of the deepest shipping channels on the Gulf Coast at 42 feet deep to connect South Padre Island to Starbase, Boca Chica.

The Boring Company did complete a 1.7-mile tunnel in Las Vegas costing $47 million, and though the proposed tunnel from South Padre Island to Boca Chica Beach would be shorter, making it possibly cheaper, it would have to run under the Brownsville Ship Channel.

Musk’s company hopes to solve the inconvenient traffic build-ups due to activity at the Starbase to help SpaceX employees to get to work more timely as well as with public beach access.

County Admin Pete Sepulveda, Jr. told The Brownsville Herald:

“From what we understand from SpaceX, there is a good portion of the beach that can remain open if there was access to it, even though the road is closed and even though a portion of the beach is closed.”

Though the county doesn’t seem interested in helping financially with the proposal as it “is not something that the county would be interested in. That would be prohibitive for us. We really didn’t get into those details, but once we do we wouldn’t be able to participate with any type of funding.”

Though his sights seem set on making us an interplanetary species, it seems Elon’s hands are getting full as he adds another Earthly-based project to his list.

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