BiG HEROES and SpaceX join forces to help individuals with Autism in South Texas

There are some BiG Heroes in Brownsville, Texas and we’re not just talking about Starbase’s Elon Musk.

Notably, Elon has donated millions to Cameron County, part of which has been spent in multiple school districts and non-profit organizations, but there’s another organization that’s giving back to this community in a BiG way.

BiG Heroes, Inc. (Believe in God’s Heroes), is a local faith-based nonprofit organization that provides continued life skills instructions, health and wellness components and helps with preparation for job readiness to individuals with Autism in South Texas.

And it just makes sense that these heroes collaborated. 

SpaceX donated to the 2nd Annual BiG Heroes 5K run fundraising event and then hosted a group tour at Starbase for potential job opportunities.

Every opportunity we can get we try to expose them to all jobs available in the valley. We took a tour of their facilities and learned about the spacecrafts. It was cool to see how much the facility has grown,” said Martha Gonzalez, a BiG Heroes Representative. “We want to thank the community for allowing big heroes to tour all job opportunities like SpaceX did, the police provided for transportation, and Space Channel for sharing our story.

Here at Space Channel, we applaud their efforts as these are truly BiG heroes and want to remind everyone it’s up to all of us to do our part to help these young adults achieve a better future.

If you would like to support the organization, you can get involved and donate at: bigherotx DOT org.

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