Artemis I & II Exclusive Interview

NASA’s Artemis program strives to return humans to the lunar surface. With the launch of  Artemis 1 planned for February 2022, NASA’s boldest program since Apollo is on track to  greatly further human space exploration. The mission will establish landing sites near the lunar  south pole for scientific experiments and act as a testing ground to […]

Iranian Space Race

Something is happening in the Iranian desert. In recent days, cars have pulled up to the Imam Khomeini Spaceport, and human activity around the building believed to be a “checkout” facility for rockets has increased, signaling that Iran may be gearing up for a space launch soon. These revelations came to us via satellite images […]

Brain Damage from Space

Last month, a study of five male cosmonauts raised serious concerns about the safety of long-term space travel. Published in JAMA Neurology by researchers in Europe, it found that within three weeks after returning from the ISS, the subjects’ had higher average levels of some proteins in their blood that are often associated with brain […]

Japanese Billionaire Shooting Movie in Space

For the first time in over a decade, self-paying tourists launched themselves into space anddocked with the International Space Station Wednesday. Japanese fashion billionaire YusakuMaezawa and his producer, Yozo Hirano, rocketed up in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft joined bycosmonaut Alexander Misurkin. They lifted off from Kazakhstan in the afternoon, arrived at thestation almost six hours […]