Can Astronauts Pass the Smell Test?

In space, there is no gravity and limited water. That rules out conventional sinks, showers and washing machines. And of course, nothing goes to waste, including the astronauts’ pee (urine?), which is recycled back into water. As they say on the ISS, “Today’s coffee is tomorrow’s coffee.” … Yum. Oxygen on the station is also […]

Artemis I & II with Jordan Soto

The U.S. Chamber’s 4th annual Space Summit titled LAUNCH:Expanding Commercial and Civil Space Partnerships, held in partnership with The Boeing Company. Following the first National Space Council meeting under Vice President Kamala Harris earlier this month, leaders from the public and private sectors will discuss international collaboration and public-private partnerships in space, the future of exploration beyond the […]

Gateway to Mars

There’s nothing better than coffee and rockets, on the border by the sea and beyond…

SNEAK PEEK: Solar Impact, Chapter 1

Solar debris crashes down to Earth, causing widespread destruction and unleashing solar radiation around the world. As genetic mutations rapidly spread, a group of friends must fight to stay alive and escape the chaos.

Success! SpaceX lands Mars rocket prototype for the first time

SpaceX just launched another test flight of an early Mars rocket prototype at its South Texas facility, sending the towering silver vehicle soaring up to about six miles above Earth, then putting it through a series of aerial acrobatics before re-lighting two of its engines and landing it upright back on a landing pad.

First flight test for NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter pushed to Wednesday

NASA engineers have decided to delay the Ingenuity helicopter’s debut flight on Mars to at least Wednesday, April 14th, after running into a minor computer glitch during a rotor spin test late Friday night, the agency said on Saturday. The tiny craft is healthy, but engineers need some more time to review telemetry data from the unexpected hiccup before proceeding.