SCOUT releases autonomy software to enable safer and less complex space operations

Alexandria VA (SPX) Jan 27, 2022

SCOUT Inc. has announced its latest Autonomy Software offerings: computer vision and guidance software to make navigation safer and less complex for space operators. These offerings include software-hardware integration providing: next-generation AI/ML-based autonomy, hybrid data fusion from various sensors, and closed-loop optical navigation control algorithms.

“Our first SCOUT-Vision sys

NASA's MRO Finds Water Flowed on Mars Longer Than Previously Thought

Pasadena CA (JPL) Jan 27, 2022

Mars once rippled with rivers and ponds billions of years ago, providing a potential habitat for microbial life. As the planet’s atmosphere thinned over time, that water evaporated, leaving the frozen desert world that NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) studies today.

It’s commonly believed that Mars’ water evaporated about 3 billion years ago. But two scientists studying data that M

China releases new-generation spacecraft OS

Beijing (XNA) Jan 26, 2022

China has released SpaceOS III, a new-generation operating system for spacecraft.

Developed by the Beijing Institute of Control Engineering under China Academy of Space Technology, the operating system has independent intellectual property rights. Earlier versions of SpaceOS have been used in more than 300 spacecraft.

According to SpaceOS developers, the system boasts outstanding rel

UW alum helped pack James Webb telescope for space travel

Madison WI (SPX) Jan 26, 2022

A University of Wisconsin-Madison engineering mechanics alumnus made important contributions to NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, which arrived at its home in distant orbit Monday.

The telescope, the world’s largest and most powerful space science observatory, launched on Dec. 25, starting its journey toward its destination about 1 million miles from Earth.

Webb is an international

Mysterious object unlike anything astronomers have seen before

Perth, Australia (SPX) Jan 27, 2022

A team mapping radio waves in the Universe has discovered something unusual that releases a giant burst of energy three times an hour, and it’s unlike anything astronomers have seen before.

The team who discovered it think it could be a neutron star or a white dwarf-collapsed cores of stars-with an ultra-powerful magnetic field.

Spinning around in space, the strange object sends out

SwRI scientist helps confirm liquid water beneath Mars south polar cap

San Antonio, TX (SPX) Jan 26, 2022

A Southwest Research Institute scientist measured the properties of ice-brine mixtures as cold as -145 degrees Fahrenheit to help confirm that salty water likely exists between grains of ice or sediment under the ice cap at Mars’ south pole. Laboratory measurements conducted by SwRI geophysicist Dr. David Stillman support oddly bright reflections detected by the MARSIS subsurface sounding radar

Island in a lake of lava – the Martian volcano Jovis Tholus

Berlin, Germany (SPX) Jan 27, 2022

These images, created using data acquired by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board ESA’s Mars Express orbiter, show the Jovis Tholus volcano and various other landscape features, such as tectonic faults, impact craters and solidified lava flows, in the Tharsis region of Mars. The Tharsis uplift, which is several kilometres high, was one of the most active volcanic regions near the Ma

Tiny but very large wavelength perturbations solve Hubble Tension

Beijing, China (SPX) Jan 27, 2022

It is generally believed that the Universe is isotropic and homogeneous on large distance scales, i.e., there is no preferred position or direction in the Universe. This hypothesis forms the basis of the standard Big Bang cosmology and is called the cosmological principle (CP). It implies that the Universe is expanding and, to a good approximation, has exactly the same properties at all spatial

Out of Pebble Purgatory

Pasadena CA (JPL) Jan 28, 2022

The final two pebbles hitching a ride aboard our rover’s bit carousel are gone but not forgotten. I’ll give you the latest on why they are gone and then tell you why we are not forgetting them – or the two other pebbles that made our first month of 2022 a busy one.

We had more than a suspicion the rocks had departed the Perseverance rover on Sunday when imagery of the bit carousel came dow

US issues visa to Russian ISS cosmonaut

Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 28, 2022

The United States has issued a visa to Russian cosmonaut Nikolai Chub to undergo training in Texas before his flight to the International Space Station (ISS) after refusing him one last week, the Russian state space agency, Roscosmos, said on Wednesday.

“The United States has issued an entry visa to Roscosmos cosmonaut Nikolai Chub. The cosmonaut is headed to the United States for training