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Extraterrestrial life

How Close are We to Discovering Extraterrestrial Life?

Since 1947, UFOs and aliens have become so embedded in our culture, invading living rooms through television screens, magazine covers, radio programs, Halloween costumes and action figures, that we often forget how distant they actually are, if they exist at all.

The Streaming Space Race

Look up into the sky one night and you might spot one of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites sailing overhead. Relatively small in size (they weigh about 227 kg each and are about the size of a table), there are more than 700 of them orbiting the Earth so far, and the

EXCLUSIVE: NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir

Jessica Meir is perhaps the world’s most interesting explorer. Born to a Swedish mother and Iraqi-Israeli father in Caribou, Maine in 1977, she skis, hikes, cycles, runs, scuba dives, plays soccer, flies a plane, and speaks conversational Swedish and Russian. Did I also mention she is an astronaut?

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