Adrian Grenier Named Chief Earth Advocate for World View

Actor, Environmentalist, and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador to help World View inspire a renewed appreciation for Earth through space tourism
Adrian Grenier Named Chief Earth Advocate for World View
Adrian Grenier, World View Chief Earth Advocate (Photo credit: Courtesy of World View)

World View today announced environmentalist, actor, and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Adrian Grenier has been named its Chief Earth Advocate. In this new role, he will support World View’s mission to rediscover Earth, inspiring new perspectives on the planet and encouraging deeper respect for it as a living organism. Today’s announcement follows the company’s entry into the space tourism and exploration market offering an affordable, long duration and accessible space experience on Earth.

World View designed its space tourism experience based on the company’s business purpose: World View exists to inspire, create, and explore new perspectives for a radically improved future. The company believes its space tourism experience provides customers with an “awe inspiring” journey, from the time spent at one of World View’s spaceports to the time spent at the edge of space. World View is on a mission to deliver this transformative moment to a critical mass of humans knowing that it could lead to a markedly improved future for our fragile planet.

In his new role, Grenier will collaborate with World View’s leadership to ideate and develop strategies to ensure the company’s sustainability goals are met through global partnerships, programming, and initiatives. He will also contribute to the development of its environmental strategy while playing a key role in helping participants understand their individual relationship to the planet as they prepare for and reflect on their trip.

Ryan Hartman

Adrian’s history as an eco-activist speaks for itself. World View is happy to welcome Adrian as our Chief Earth Advocate. Our main goal is to enable customers to see the beauty of the Earth we inhabit so we can radically improve the future of our own planet. Adrian is an excellent advocate and will help us in our mission,” said Ryan Hartman, President and CEO of World View.

Conservation has long been at the heart of Grenier’s social activism. In 2017, he helped the UN Environment Programme launch Clean Seas, a campaign to end marine plastic pollution. He also supported Wild for Life, advocating for the conservation of sawfish. The Lonely Whale Foundation, which he co-founded, strives to inspire empathy towards marine species and develop lifelong advocates for ocean health. Its innovative StopSucking campaign aims to discourage the use of single-use plastic straws, which are particularly harmful to marine wildlife. Grenier actively supports organizations focused on habit-changing education.

Adrian Grenier Named Chief Earth Advocate for World View
Adrian Grenier

I am honored to serve as World View’s Chief Earth Advocate. The partnership allows me to use my platform to champion healthier, regenerative choices for the Earth. Space tourism is an exciting concept, and the fact that World View puts our interconnectedness squarely at the heart of exploration is in line with my personal values. Together, we will be able to honor the planet and encourage future generations to be better stewards of its resources and beauty,” said Adrian Grenier, Chief Earth Advocate of World View.

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