Space Channel is the premier global news and entertainment media platform dedicated to space. Connecting the stories that will inform the future of community, entertainment, policy and commerce in low Earth Orbit and beyond, Space Channel is available in millions of households worldwide and explores every aspect of the genre with news, movies, exclusive events, and live coverage. 

Programs include Space Channel News, which covers the latest stories impacting the industry; Space Tourist, a show on how to experience space here on earth: Gravity, an irreverent, humorous take on the latest news and less explored space topics the mainstream media refuses to cover; and Space Channel Spotlight, a profile show focusing on the movers and shakers in the space industry.

Live event programming includes Space Channel Studios Live (from our global news headquarters in Brownsville, Texas), which will provide engaging and informative coverage of notable space launches. 

Entertainment programming includes CineSpace, a partnership with the Houston Cinema Arts Society that showcases award-winning films created from NASA archive footage. Friday and Saturday evenings are Space Channel’s official movie and music nights with custom-curated programs featuring independent genre films and music features specially chosen for viewing after dark.

Space Channel’s Live Feed is available 24/7 on SpaceChannel.com; connected TVs including VIZIOSamsungPhilipsLG and TCL; the VOD Space Channel app (accessible in all major app stores: iOS, Android and Amazon); and OTT services including Comcast’s Xfinity and Flex, ROKU (search: Space Channel Live), PlexLocal Now , RADTVand ZEASN.

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