A Look at Xplore — the Company that Coined “Space as a Service”

Space is silent but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any communication at the edge of infinity. 

In fact, there’s a company called XPLORE that’s revolutionizing Space as a Service and enhancing communication in space.

The vastness of space has stirred the souls of many for millennia—but it can be a nightmare when it comes to reliable communications systems, retrieving data and maintaining satellites.

Did you know it can take up to 24 minutes for a signal to travel between Earth and Mars, and nearly a whole day to receive a signal from NASA’s Voyager 1 because it has traveled beyond the edge of the Solar System?

Simply put, there are two things space communications relies on: a transmitter and a receiver.

Though simple, the process is tough as communication with distant objects in space is difficult. Ground station communications are very weak with distant spacecraft because of the large distances and takes copious amounts of time for communication efforts to travel between the two. 

But, there is a company revolutionizing communication efforts in space by utilizing cloud-based systems to transmit data effortlessly, securely and timely to ground-based stations. 

The software is called Major Tom, acquired by Xplore – the company that coined “Space as a Service” and continuously evolves what it means to do so.

We had the chance to talk with Lisa Rich, the founder and COO of Xplore about the impact of Xplore, its recent acquisitions and the future of the space industry.

Xplore provides data, sensors and satellites as a service to collect data from space that provides commercial, intelligence and climate solutions for its customers, which cuts costs and time spent.

With the Major Tom software, weather, geospatial and defense programs can now utilize cloud computing to extend the life of satellites, cut communications delays and quickly access and use data in real time with a new level of cybersecurity because it doesn’t use an open-source software framework. 

As space exploration advances, using “Space as a Service” will optimize companies’ efforts to advance impactful efforts on Earth, in orbit and beyond, and Xplore is at the leading edge of providing that opportunity.

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